Sunday, November 9, 2014

Credit where it's due

I spend a lot of time criticizing the UIC United Faculty Union, and I stand by most of my criticisms, and when I don't, my goal is formally retract them or admit when I am wrong.  I also wish to acknowledge when it does right.  The recent election is one area where it did so.

From what I understand, the union decided at its last general membership meeting not to endorse any candidates.  (I did not attend the meeting, but you can find the notes/minutes from the meeting by clicking here [PDF]).  And it didn't go back on that decision.  I may have received one or two emails reminding me to vote. (I say "may" because I'm on the list serve for another union, and am not sure which one sent me the reminders.)  And none of them told me who to vote for.

Given that the majority of the union's members and an even stronger majority of its leadership probably favored certain candidates over others, that was a hard commitment to honor.  I appreciate them doing so.

I do not speak here about any of UICUF's affiliates, which as far as I know may or may not have endorsed candidates.

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