Monday, August 25, 2014

Submit a guest post!

I  respectfully request anyone who wishes to submit a guest post for this blog.  Pretty much anything related to the UIC United Faculty Union is fair game.  I'm soliciting posts from people who disagree or agree with me on the many issues discussed at this blog.  I certainly have my own specific take on the union, but my main goal is to foster dialogue, and one way to do that is to give others a voice here.

A few ground rules:

1.  If I publish your post, I won't edit for content, although I may edit for format or to correct typos.

2.  I reserve the right NOT to publish a submitted guest post for any reason, or for no reason.  The most important reason for not publishing something will be if the submission is uncivil, libelous, in violation of copyright, or derogatory toward people based on their race, ethnicity, religious, sexual orientation or other category. 

3. If I publish your post, I endeavor not to remove it unless it can be shown to be libelous or in violation of copyright or at the request of the author.

4.  I will accept anonymous guest posts, or guest posts under the author's true name.  I do not even have to know your true name to accept a guest post. 

UPDATE August 31, 2014:  It turns out I might not be a member of the UIC United Faculty Union.  Unless and until this issue is resolved, or until I decide what to do, I am indefinitely disabling comments and indefinitely withdrawing my invitation to submit guest posts.

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